"After a ten minute phone call with Molly, I successfully negotiated a 10% higher starting salary at my new job. Before our conversation, I wasn't even planning on trying to negotiate as the process seemed daunting and I was just happy to have an offer on the table. But Molly's advice on how to frame a financial conversation gave me the confidence to ask for a salary that I wasn’t just content with, but thrilled to accept. I’m a lot more excited to start my new position and I think that will be reflected in my work going forward."


"I had no idea how disempowering my relationship to my finances were.  After my session with Molly, I felt in the drivers seat for the first time.  Knowing exactly what’s going in and coming out helped me to not only feel peace around my financial activity but helped me to plan for the life I want to live.  It was the best thing I could have done to give me confidence and inspiration to move into the next stage of my life! I have since recommended Molly’s services to all my closest friends!"


"I just wanted to say thank you! Your excel sheet is incredible. I managed to save $1,000  this month and move it over to my new high yield savings account...all while still living and enjoying life. When I spend money on something like a concert, I feel really good about it because it's in my budget and it's really something I actually want to be doing. Just wanted to let you know how valuable the session was!"


"I went into my first session with Molly completely terrified and triggered, with all sorts of self-worth issues and shame around the lack of awareness I had of my own financial picture. I felt overwhelmed and totally powerless ad the thought of creating a budget worksheet like the one she created for me was something I just couldn't begin to wrap my head around. Not only was Molly empathetic and reassuring, she provided me with an invaluable tool for bringing  mindfulness to my financial situation. She completely exploded my idea (stereotypes I didn't even know I held) around who is good with numbers and money matters and how a person "like that" would respond to my emotional chaos around my finances. She was so understanding and kind and really helped me to realize how much attention I was constantly giving my money situation, with so little actual awareness around it. In other words: total anxiety with no sense of personal agency. Working with her has reconnected me to my own sense of empowerment and given me tools for good decision making. I can't recommend her services enough!"